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MLM Start-Up Conference

Hi, this is Robert Proctor with MultiSoft Corporation.  I wanted to make sure you had every opportunity to sign-up for the "How to Start and Run a Successful MLM Company", in Las Vegas on October 7th & 8th

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Are you looking to start a new network marketing company?

Have you started a network marketing company and you need to gain some insight to gain momentum?

Are you looking for a great place to meet, network, and make deals with other industry professionals?

I want to personally invite YOU to this event because I know you will get real value from this.

The event features several keynote speakers, including myself, as well as other MLM industry professionals sharing their knowledge about working in Direct Selling and MLM.  Be ready for a focused look at many of the top concerns facing new MLM Companies such as: 

  • Prepare - Set up your company for massive growth in a totally new market. Learn how to successfully launch – or relaunch – your direct selling enterprise.
  • Motivate - Structure a compensation system that motivates distributor growth and rewards customer referrals.
  • Recruit - Learn where and how to recruit top distributors who excel at both digital and real-world personal marketing.
  • Leverage - Adopt cutting edge technologies to leverage your compensation plan, empower distributors and drive sales growth.
  • Accelerate - Master your online brand and integrate personal selling with the latest tools of digital marketing.
  • Excite - Embrace the new world of customer-driven sales through social media and digital reward systems.
  • Prepare - Find stellar executives aligned with your vision and the new MLM world — especially your all-important director of sales.
  • Motivate - Get clear, actionable guidance to thrive in today’s legal and regulatory environment.

Tickets for this conference normally sell for $195 for the first attendee and $150 for each additional, however, as our guest you will receive your own ticket as well as one for your spouse or business partner(s) completely free!

CLICK HERE to register today for FREE with Guest Code MSOFT21

Robert Proctor
MultiSoft Corporation
+1 239-945-6433

On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  The following updates have been automatically rolled into your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.  Some of the updates were automatic while others will require quick modifications by you or MultiSoft per the instructions below:

  • New - Counting on Your Transactions
    • If you are using the CMS/Nexio gateway you may have noticed the recent change to how transactions process. No longer do you have the annoying popup to complete your transaction but you are able to have you users enter the card info directly in the checkout form.  This is still being managed securely and at no time is MultiSoft privy to your user's card data.
    • Fraud is unfortunately rampant in online processing and some companies have found it necessary to review every transaction in their attempts to weed out the fraud - a time-consuming process.  If you are using Nexio you have the ability to enable Kount, the leading eCommerce fraud protection and chargeback prevention, to review every transaction for you.  If Kount is suspicious of a transaction but unsure it can turn over the transaction to you for final review through your Nexio dashboard.  They estimate this would be an 83% reduction in having to review every transaction manually.
    • If you decide to approve a transaction under review you would push a button to process in your Nexio dashboard and then return to your back office to mark the order as paid.  If this was an enrollment transaction, the user's data would be held and not added to your genealogy tree until you take the further step of approving the user to be a distributor from your User Management screen.
    • Please talk with your Nexio representative today and enable Kount to stop criminal and friendly fraud to reduce chargebacks up to 99% and Kount on every transaction.

      • Enhancement - All Clients Utilizing CMS moved to New CMS Gateway
        • Any client utilizing CMS / Nexio as their payment gateway provider has not been migrated to the new "non-pop" up window.  Instead, the payment method is now included in the transactional page.  This was updated in Enrollment, Shopping Cart, Quick Cart, Single SKU page, AutoShip, and Admin add order
      • Enhancement - My Distributors Module now has "Rank Advancement" in-Screen Pop-Up Instead of Open New Window
        • As the company owner you can configure the My Distributors page either include or not include the "Rank Advancement Module" for each distributor to see their personally sponsored distributors.  Previously, clicking on this button by distributors would open a new window and take them out of the My Distributors page and display an entire new page.  Now, the Rank Advancement button will simply open an in-screen window in the same screen showing their personally sponsored distributors along with their current rank as well as all of the ranks and the items they need to complete to meet each rank.
      • New - NMI with 3D Secure
        • We are now able to offer NMI as another tokenization method (the other being CMS) reducing your need for complex PCI Compliance.  Our integration with NMI has full 3DSecure support (Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode, Discover ProtectBuy, American Express SafeKey) so that if your user's card requires 3DS the system will process that on the initial entry of the card allowing them to do future transactions or AutoBilling without issues.  Your users' cards will be stored securely in NMI's customer vault and no card data will be stored within MarketPowerPRO.
      • New - Integration with ShipMonk - Order Fulfillment for eCommerce
        • MarketPowerPRO is now integrated with logistical fulfillment services.  Shipmonk can provide you with logistical services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Los Angeles., California, and Pittston, Pennsylvania and is planning warehouses in Texas as well as Europe in 2021.   With ShipMonk’s inventory portal, you can track inventory levels across multiple sales channels, identify your best selling SKUs, blacklist old SKUs, receive low stock alerts, and more. ShipMonk’s inventory system will give you complete visibility and control of your inventory.  With Shipmonk you focus on marketing and selling your products – they will handle the rest.
        • Please note, there is a one-time charge of 5 hours of "last mile integration" and "testing" to connect your MarketPowerPRO system with Shipmonk.  Please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive for more details.
      • New - Enhanced Rank Advancement Bonus Available
        • We have just released a new rank advancement bonus in the commission engine which provides the following settings:
          • Number of times the rank must have been earned in consecutive periods
          • Grace period settings
          • Split up the payments over a configurable time period
          • Set varying payment amounts per payment period

        • Please note there will be a one-time charge for clients on-boarded prior to February 1st, 2020 in order to merge your current Rank Advancement Module with the new Rank Advancement Module.  Please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive for more details.
      • New Genealogy with Privacy Settings
        • MarketPowerPRO has just been updated with a new Genealogy with a full set of Privacy Setting Controls by "The Company" and "Per Distributor - 34 settings in all.  Each distributor can now determine what information about them and their organizational volume, ranks, titles, rank advancement module display, photo, alternate name, name, phone number, birthday, email and much more; 34 settings in total.  This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first and only fully GDPR, California, and Nevada Privacy Act Compliant genealogy in the industry.

        • If your genealogy, both admin and distributor genealogies, have not been updated to use the latest genealogy with Privacy Settings, simply edit your menus and change the genealogy menu in the drop down to Genealogy V3.  If you require any assistance please submit a ticket in the help desk or contact your account executive.
      • Stripe as a Payment Gateway with Recurring Billing - Via Nexio
        • For clients looking for an alternative payment gateway without having to "jump through hoops", MarketPowerPRO now supports Stripe as a payment gateway, including Recurring Billing / AutoShip.  In order to support recurring billing you must connect your Stripe payment gateway through  For more information on Nexio Hub please contact Colt Passey at 1-877-551-5504 or email Colt at; make certain to mention you are a MultiSoft Client.
      • New - Package Change History in Products> SKU's
        • All changes to Packaging Height, Width, Depth, Weight, and Dimensions are now being stored in a history log under "Show Packaging History" at the SKU level.  Anytime a Company Administrator or a MultiSoft representative changes anything related to these items the date, time, name, and all the previous settings will be stored.

        • New Weight and Dimensions now Displayed at the Order Level
          • All Packaging Height, Width, Depth, Weight, and Dimensions are now being stored in a history log under "Weight Information" at the Product Level.  If you have any questions as to the weight or dimensions that calculated shipping on an order you can review the order to see what the weight and dimensions were at the time the order was placed.  This ties in with the above "Package Change History" to see if an administrator or MultiSoft representative changed dimensions or weight causing a change to the shipping calculations on an order.

          • Enhancement - New KPI Dashboards
            • As you are most likely aware by now, the Dashboards Menu has been moved from being a sub-menu of the Company Menu and has been moved as a Primary Menu directly below the company menu.  We haver also implemented the brand new KPI's (key performance indicators) greatly with instant views to trends over the past 12 months as well as additional filters within the dashboards.  The dashboards have also been greatly enhanced visually to show exact date to date (and time) comparisons day over day, week over week, month over month, and year over year as well as maps with underlying data that can be drilled further down.   We hope you enjoy the brand new visual KPI dashboards, which we will continue to enhance to have additional underlying data and more data that can be drilled down.
          • New - Talkable Integration
            • Is your brand Talkable yet?  If not, Click Here to checkout!
            • This newest integration allows you to let your distributors and even your customers to refer others easily by letting them offer those that aren't talking about your site get a discount without having to purchase anything and when that discount is used the referrer gets a discount as well increasing retention and sales.  It gets even your newest distributors able to grow their customer base by making your system Talkable - after all who wouldn't want a discount on your great product(s).
            • Please note there is a small one-time configuration cost from MultiSoft, depending on your coupon complexity and how coupons affect commissions.  Please contact your Sales Executive today and make your brand Talkable!
          • Enhancement - Edit AutoShip Updates
            • The AutoShip module for you, your distributors, and your customers has been greatly enhanced to reduce issues caused when AutoShip changes are made and the customer, distributor, or admin forgets to click the save button at the bottom of the page (many of you reported that users were not scrolling all the way down the page and instead missing the save button).  As such, the following enhancements have been made:
              • Turn AutoShip On / Off now prompts a window to accept the changes instead of the user having to remember to scroll down and click save
              • Removing an item from AutoShip not prompts a window to accept the changes instead of the user having to remember to scroll down and click save
              • Save and Return to AutoShip buttons have been added at the top instead of the user having to remember to scroll down and click save
          • Enhancement - Leg Viewer Module
            • We are happy to announce three new updates to the standard Leg Viewer module.
            • Theses update were designed to provide better transparency for distributors to view Retail Volume and Personal Volume in their team. Selecting the new flag for Include Personal Record will display the distributors personal volume and personal customer volume with links to view more in-depth details.
            • The second update was applied to the Leg Detail for all members in the downline. New hyperlinks have been added to see the breakdown of volume by leg with order details.  This new breakdown allows for viewing how much volume is coming from retail orders versus distributor orders in each leg.  As the industry continues to evolve encouraging more sales to retail customers this allows for each company to truly see how much volume is coming from retail orders.
            • The third update applied allows for filtering out legs with 0 volume.
            • Please note these updates have been applied to all clients using our standard leg viewer (not customized versions).
          • Enhancement - Additional "Sales" Tile Added to the Back Office
            • There are now a total of 7 tiles available to you to enable or disable and apply specific settings to in your distributors back office.  This includes a secondary "sales" view that allows you to customize sales / purchases by distributors and sales / purchases by customers or distributors (directly sponsored).  To edit the settings click the "SHOW SETTINGS" button above the tiles, below the "Dashboard"
          • Enhancement - Credit Card Details, Update, Edit, Remove
            • Due to the overwhelming improvement made to the order history system in MarketPowerPRO to match one of the online "big box companies", we have now re-designed and implemented a similar design and layout in the Credit Card storage screens for your distributors and customers.
            • Distributors and customers can now quickly see their "default credit card" details as well as make changes to their credit cards much more simply now.
            • The ability to add a credit card, delete a credit card, update a credit card, and change the billing address of a credit card has been completely overhauled and made to mirror one of the best online big box companies that most if not all your customers and distributors often use.
            • Additionally, the ability for a customer or distributor to delete a credit card tied to an AutoShip has been removed.  Instead, if a customer or distributor attempts to delete a credit card tied to an AutoShip / AutoBilling they must first either add another credit / debit card and tie it to their AutoShip(s) or edit their AutoShip and disable the AutoShip entirely before they can delete the card.
          • New - AutoShip History for Administrators
            • In order to provide you, your customers, distributors, and your customer service representatives with improved and enhanced support, we have implemented a brand new "AutoShip History" module at the administrator level.  The new module can be found in the Users> User Management Module under the "Edit Customer / Edit Distributor" in the "Actions" Drop Down Menu.
            • Click on the AutoShips tab in the top menu for the user and you will find the "AutoShip" grid for the distributor or customer.  On the right side of the grid you will find a "Change History" column.  Click on the View Change History link and this will display the entire history of the AutoShip from March 15th, 2021 and onward.  If there are any changes or edits to the AutoShip the the entire history will appear here.
            • Clicking on "Updated (Click Here) will provide you with all of the changes including if the AutoShip was deactivated or activated, which products were added or removed, if the billing or shipping address was changed, if the credit card was changed, as well as if an attempt to bill the credit card attached to the AutoShip was declined and why and / or if the AutoShip was deactivated due to too many declines.
            • Additionally, the details including the date the change occurred, who the change was made by (the customer, distributor, or administrator) as well as the name of the person that made the change and the IP address of the device the change was made from.  The "View Change History" will also detail the AutoShip "before" the change was made and "after" the change was made.
          • Modification - Agreements moved in Enrollment and Shopping Cart
            • Due to enhanced regulations and requirements from the industry merchant account providers, all agreements including terms and conditions, policies and procedures, electronic consent, refund policy, cancellation policy, shipping policy, AutoShip policy and credit card storage policy, have been moved.  In the shopping cart these items now appear directly to the left of the total order pricing and above the credit card details.  In the enrollment system they have been moved above above the credit card details and total order pricing.

            • New - Admin Credit Card Change History
              • Similar to the AutoShip history, in order to provide you, your customers, distributors, and your customer service representatives with improved and enhanced support, we have implemented a brand new "Credit Card History" module at the administrator level.  The new module can be found in the Users> User Management Module under the "Edit Customer / Edit Distributor" in the "Actions" Drop Down Menu - Click the Credit / Debit Card Account(s) menu.
              • This new module now displays the "Default" credit / debit card the selected customer / distributor has on file along with the billing address, the payment credit card type, and the last 4 digits of the credit card.
              • Your administrators now have the ability to add a credit card, delete a credit card, update a credit card, and change the billing address of a credit card; this has designed to mirror one of the best big box companies online that most if not all your customers and distributors use often.
              • Additionally, the ability for an administrator to delete a credit card tied to an AutoShip has been removed.  Instead, if an administrator attempts to delete a credit card tied to an AutoShip / AutoBilling they must first either add another credit / debit card and tie it to their AutoShips or edit their AutoShip and disable the AutoShip entirely.
              • Additionally, under the credit cards stored on file, which are 100% fully PCI compliant storage, as an administrator or customer service representative you will find a "View Change History" button.  Clicking on this button will display a history of all credit cards added, deleted, and updated, as well as when the change was made, and who made the change (the name of customer, distributor or administrator), and the IP address of the device used to make the change is stored and displayed.

            • Enhancement - You Save $0 No Longer Displayed in Shopping Cart
              • Thank you to the client(s) that brought this to our attention and opportunity to continue enhancing and improving your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software System  In order to avoid confusion for your customers and distributors, the "You Save" will now only display the amount in the shopping cart if the savings are .01 or more.  Although a "minor" update, this has alleviated questions from customers and distributors of "why does it show $0" savings, and I missing a coupon or a potential savings.  We hope you enjoy this update.
              • New - Last 5 Login Dates, Times, and IP Address
                • In order to enhance the security protocols in the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system, we are now storing the IP address, date, and time (down to the minute) of when administrators, customers, and distributors login to the system.  This will provide your customer service department with more information at hand to determine how often users are accessing the system and if needed the IP address can be back traced to determine where the user was at the time they logged in.

                We hope you enjoy these recent enhancements to your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software System, some of which came from our staff, and many of which came from suggestions, ideas, recommendations, and paid improvements by many of our valued clients.  We look forward to continuing to enhance your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system for you, your company, your staff, and most importantly your customers and distributors.

                    Thank you,

                    Robert Proctor
                    CEO - President
                    MultiSoft Corporation

                    On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  The following updates have been automatically rolled into your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.  Some of the updates were automatic while others will require quick modifications by you or MultiSoft per the instructions below:

                    • NEW - Dual / Multi-Domains Now Supports Products Per Domain / URL
                      • MarketPowerPRO has been enhanced to support different products per domain (website / URL).  If you have the dual / multi-domain system you can now separate products per domain.  Please review this video for more information:  If you do not currently have the MarketPowerPRO Dual / Multi-Domain system for your company we highly recommend you consider adding it, especially as we head into the holiday season and want to promote products first and follow-up with opportunity.  Please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive for more information on adding dual / multi-domains to your MarketPowerPRO System

                        • New - Admin Re-Send Notifications
                          • We have added a history of all notification emails sent to customers and distributors along with the ability to re-send the notification(s) if a user does not receive.  To access this module login to your MarketPowerPRO System, go to Users> Manager Users> Select the User you want to re-send a notification to, mouseover Actions, click Edit User (Distributor, Customer, etc.) click Notification, click View for the notification to re-send and click the Re-Send button at the bottom. 
                        • NEW User Management System
                          • The entire Users Management system has been re-built from the top down and the bottom up.  The entire Users screen is much easier to navigate and includes additional fields such as searching by credit card orders, ranks and statuses per plan type, as well as the ability to save the search results to appear after editing a user without having to re-enter the search criteria.  The search results have also been completely redesigned with a more intuitive "Actions" drop down to access various areas as well as many more details showing including: Join Dates, Last Login Date, Last Order Date, photo, social media profiles, and specific sponsor / placement data based upon the compensation plan type.  There is also a new "Search User Settings" in the Users menu that will allow you to set the Search User settings as well as determine which items based upon your compensation plan are shown in the search results.
                        • Enhancement - Discount Coupons
                          • As we roll into the holiday season we understand the importance of coupons and discounts in todays competitive eCommerce atmosphere.  We have added the ability to hide coupons from the coupon grid in the checkout page so that special coupons can be shared by email, social media, word of mouth, etc.  Additionally, we have implemented settings for who can use the coupon based on the rolls such as Customer, Distributor, Anonymous as well as when the coupon is set to Customer, Distributor or Anonymous users will not see the coupon with or without the Show coupon in grid turned on; only those users that have permission to use the coupon will see it.  We have also added a slider to hide the coupon no matter who has permission to see it from all view.  Automatic coupons can now have multiple automatic coupons to create ranges of discounts.  Example, purchase 3-6 of the same item (or group of items) and receive a 10% discount, purchase 7-10 of the same item (or group of items) and receive a 15% discount, purchase 11 or more of the same item (or group of items) and receive a 20% discount.  Lastly, if there are no coupons available the coupon grid will no longer show on the checkout cart.  We are currently working on settings to reduce the CV and Points according to the percentage of the discount on the order or remove CV for free items (BOGO)'s - to have ready as soon as possible.
                        • New - Shopping Cart "Slide In" and "Pop-Overs"
                          • In a continuous effort to keep up with the major shopping cart providers we have implemented the ability to have a "Pop-Over" or "Slide-In" feature when a visitor, customer, or distributor adds and item to their shopping cart.  This also gives the visitor a "second bite at the apple" to place the item on AutoShip if they did not do so when adding the item to their cart.  To add one or the other (don't add both) go to Company> Modules> Shopping Cart Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option you want to enable.
                        • New - Gift Notes and Special Instructions
                          • In a continuous effort to keep up with the major shopping cart providers we have implemented the ability for shoppers to add Gift Notes and /or Special Instructions (Delivery Instructions, etc), which will appear on the packing lists and invoices.  To add one or both go to Company> Modules> Shopping Cart Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option(s) you want to enable.
                        • Enhancement - Modules Can Now Include Mail Merge Variables
                          • Example, if you would like to show "First Name Last Name Commission History" instead of simply "Commission History" or Welcome First Name Last Name instead of simply Welcome, you can now add a mail merge variable such as /#/User FirstName/#/ and / or /#/User LastName/#/.  Simple click the cog in the module you want to edit and add the mail merge variable you want to see displayed.  Please contact customer service or training for any additional information on how to implement this feature.
                        • New - Rank Advancement Module Enhancement
                          • The rank advancement module in the distributors back office has been enhanced to search by ID, full name, partial name, or email address.  If there is more than one user with the same first or last name, when searching for a partial name, a pop-up box will appear for the distributor to select the appropriate user.
                        • New - Dashboards Added
                          • We have implemented a number of new dashboards in the MarketPowerPRO system with more to come.  Here are just a few of the new dashboards deployed in the last couple of months
                            • Administrator Dashboards, which can be located under Company> Dashboards
                              • Geo Locations - This dashboard will now display a drillable "Heat Map" of the world for both Distributors and Customers displaying the concentration of Distributors and Customers.  By clicking on a area of the country you want to see you can drill further down to the city levels.  Mousing over the Country, State / Province, City will display a count per area selected.  There is also a list view of the top Countries, States / Provinces, and Cities with counts per geo location.
                              • Inventory - You can now view live inventory counts by Warehouse, Product, Category and SKU as well as Top Selling Items By Count, Average Cost of Goods Value of Inventory and Average Retail Sales Value of Inventory as well as Returned Items by Product SKU.  Most importantly, you can click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the dashboard and Export the inventory list to perform a physical inventory count comparison in your warehouse(s).
                              • New KPI's Dashboards for Administrators are currently in development and will be deployed in the coming weeks.
                            • Distributor Dashboards, which can be located in the Distributors back office under Dashboards
                              • Geo Locations - The Geo Locations Dashboard will now display a drill down "Heat Map" of the world for both Distributors and Customers the same as the administrator dashboard, however only the Distributors and Customers counts for their personal organization / downline will be displayed instead of all as the company admin sees in Company Dashboards.
                              • Team - The Team Dashboard can be selected by date range and displays their Personal Sales, Team Sales, Personally enrolled Distributors, Team Enrolled Distributors, Personal Sales (by product / service), Team Sales (by product / service), Personally Sponsored Team by Rank and Non-Personally Sponsored Team by Ranks
                              • Binary - The Binary Dashboard, deployed only for binary systems, is one of the most advanced dashboards developed.  It is commission period selectable and displays retention statistics, Left and Right side volumes broken down by Starting Volume, New Volume, and Total Volume as well as circular charts displaying total volumes including customer volume
                              • New Unilevel and Matrix Dashboards will be soon forthcoming

                          • New - Distributor Active / Inactive Downline AutoShip Report
                            • A new Downline AutoShip report has been created for Distributors to be able to view Distributors and Customers and Distributors they have personally sponsored as well as their downline and who does and does not have an active AutoShip or who did and has cancelled their AutoShip. This is viewable in the Distributors back office under  Reports> Downline AutoShip.

                            • Enhancement - Distributor Back Office Landing Page "Tiles"
                              • The "multi-color" Distributor Back Office Landing Page "Tiles" has been greatly enhanced to include the ability for administrators to enable / disable the following block(s)
                                • Default Settings
                                  • Show Customers
                                  • Show Team Sales (Matrix & Unilevel)
                                  • Show All Earnings
                                  • Show Earnings
                                  • Show Points
                                  • Show Sales
                                  • Show Brand Partners
                                  • Exclude Deleted Distributors and Customers from Distributors and Customers Tiles
                                • Sales Settings to Include or not Include a Distributors own Purchases
                                • Team Sales Settings
                                  • Include Own Purchases
                                  • Include Personal Customers Purchases
                                  • Include Personal Brand Partners Purchases
                                  • Exclude Deleted Brand Partners
                                  • Include All Levels
                                  • Select Volume Type as: Amount , CV, or Points
                            • Enhancement - AutoShip SKU Enhancements
                              • The following controls have been added at the Administrator AutoShip Settings Options - please watch this video for more information on how to configure these settings and how they affect the control your Distributors and Customers have over their AutoShips:
                                • Allow AutoShip On/Off
                                • AutoShip is optional
                                • Allow user to specify start date
                                • Disallow User To Change Next Order Date
                                • Disallow User To Change Frequency
                            • Enhancement - Administrator Global Profile Settings Override
                              • Administrators now have the ability to globally enable or disable the ability for Distributors to opt in or opt out of the following settings.  These settings are found under the admin menu Company> Corporate Profile:
                                • Hide Exclude from Leaderboard Flag
                                • Hide Exclude from Rank Makers Flag
                                • Hide Exclude from Brand Partner Search Flag Save
                            • Enhancement - Save and Publish
                              • We have enhanced the content management system to have "Save and Publish" in addition to "Save and Push to Publisher".  Where has Save and Push to Publisher required a two step process of going to the pushed pages history, the Save and Publish will immediately make the updates in the content management system live.  Note, by default, your administrators are granted "Save and Push to Publisher".  To grant them "Save and Publish" go to Users> Manager Users> search for the user> click Edit User> Click Roles> Scroll down and check the box Page Publishing and check the role > Save and Publish

                                Thank you,

                                Robert Proctor
                                CEO - President
                                MultiSoft Corporation

                                Hello    ,

                                Effective November 1st, 2020, MultiSoft will no longer be offering free Google Address verification.  Google Address verification is utilized for credit card billing address and shipping address verification, as well as Mapping used for geocoding/mapping of Customers and Distributors.  Should you want to continue having your users geocoded for location mapping on "Find a Distributor" or address validation during enrollment and checkout you will need to obtain your own Google API Key for this purpose. 

                                Please follow the instructions here: which provides a 4 step tutorial on how to configure and obtain your API key.

                                When you reach Step 3 you will want to enable the following APIs:

                                • GeoCoding API <-- used for Find A Distributor mapping
                                • Places API <-- Used for street address validation

                                If you are not using our API code (Website->Site Settings) then no changes are needed or if you already have your own API account no changes are required.

                                If you would like more information on Address Verification or GeoCoding of addresses please request a training here:

                                Thank you,

                                MultiSoft Support

                                On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  The following updates have been automatically rolled into your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.  Some of the updates were automatic while others will require quick modifications by you or MultiSoft per the instructions below:

                                • New - Zoom Room, Zoom Conferencing System, and Enhanced Zoom Support
                                  • Our new Zoom Dedicated Video Conferencing can be found at, which now connects to the Training Schedule for ease of scheduling training with our team
                                  • Effective June 1st, all trainings will now be offered through Zoom; we will no longer be utilizing GoToMeeting.  All on-boarding, training, etc. recordings will be automatically created as MP4 files and placed into your dedicated DropBox.
                                  • A new dedicated Zoom Room (180 degree zoom camera, wireless mic system, enhanced speaker system, and iPad Zoom Room controls) has been setup in the Florida conference room.  We will soon be adding Zoom Rooms in our Las Vegas and Philippines offices.  With the world changing and travel decreasing we want to continue providing you with the best possible customer support you have come to expect from MultiSoft.
                                  • A Zoom Training link has been added under the admin Support menu in your back office: Support > Zoom Meeting for instant Zoom Meeting support when on the phone with one of our CSR's, Account Executives, or Trainers, or Project Manager to quickly and instantly access Zoom.

                                    • Enhancement - Drag and Drop Editor
                                      • The drag & drop HTML editor + layout builder javascript library for your MarketPowerPRO has been drastically updated with new modules such as Headlines, Products, Processes, Maps and much more.  The MarketPowerPRO Drag and Drop HTML editors is the first editor that allows you to build content layout in almost any css grid framework including Bootstrap for MarketPowerPRO.  The ability to edit, drag and drop, re-organize, and add new modules in-line has been completely re-built and is much more simple to use.
                                    • New - Dashboards
                                      • The first two new distributor dashboards have been rolled into your back office this past week.  A new Dashboards icon should now be showing in your distributors back office.  We area scoping out the next 3 dashboards for your distributors and 5-6 dashboards for your admins; your constructive input is appreciated, please submit one ticket per dashboards suggestion in the help desk for our team to review.  Please note, the initial set of dashboards will be common across all clients, however dashboards can be customized on a client by client basis and additional dashboards can be created, however standard billable charges will apply.
                                      • Distributor Dashboards
                                        • Quick View - Done and Live
                                        • Team - Done and Live
                                        • Sales - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Customers - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Earnings - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                      • Admin Dashboards
                                        • CEO - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • CFO - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • CMO - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • V.P. Sales - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Sales - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Organization - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Customers - being scoped  (your input is appreciated)
                                        • Warehouse Manager - being scoped (your input is appreciated)
                                    • Enhancement - Dual / Multi-Domains - Products and Categories
                                      • The Dual / Multi-Domain system has now been extended to include or excludes products and products categories by Domain Name
                                        • Product Categories: To include or exclude certain Categories from a specific domain, go to Products > Product Management > Product Categories > Edit a Category, Select the Domains tab, and here you will select which domains will or won't display the selected category.
                                        • Products: To include or exclude certain products from a specific domain, go to Products > Product Management > Select a Product to edit, Select the Domains tab, and here you will select which domains the selected product will or will not appear on.
                                      • Contact your MultiSoft Account Executive, Project Manager or submit a help desk ticket for more information about the dual / multi-domain system.
                                    • Enhancement - Income TaxID Encryption and TaxID Editing
                                      • With cybercrime and identity theft on the rise as well as a recent FTC settlement with another MLM Software company we have completely re-written the Income TaxID system in MarketPowerPRO.
                                      • TaxID's are now full encrypted and not stored in clear text in any area of the database.
                                      • TaxID's can no longer be seen by administrators - only the 1st 3 digits of the TaxID are displayed to Admins; however Admins can update the TaxID.
                                      • The 1099 export report of TaxID's now requires the admin 100000 password to download (an extra added layer of security).
                                      • You can now set, on a country by country basis, whether the income TaxID is Displayed to your Distributors and / or Editable by your Distributors.  The new settings are under the admin menu: Website> Site Localization > Country Enrollment Tax ID's.
                                    • Enhancement - Ewallet PIN Code reset by admin
                                      • For our clients utilizing our WorldPayWallet eWallet system, admins are now able to reset the PIN code's of customers and distributors eWallets.  A video for this enhancement is available by Clicking Here.

                                      • Enhancement - Servers Upgraded to Windows Server 2019
                                        • All MultiSoft servers have been upgraded to Windows server 2019.  This now allows for support of http2 protocol and parallel loading of non cached resources, which has resulted in faster site and page load times.
                                      • New - Leg Viewer V2 and Leg Viewer V2 Settings
                                        • If you are running a Matrix or Unilevel Compensation plan we have deployed a new drillable Leg Volume viewer.  You can find the settings in your back office under Plans > Leg Viewer V2 settings.  This viewer is also available to your Distributors at /Leg-Viewer-V2/ to be added to the My Team menu if it is not already appearing.
                                      • New - MultiTier Fast Start Bonus Settings (Unilevel Only)
                                        • We have deployed Version 2 of the New MultiTier Fast Start Bonus for clients with the Professional or higher level of MarketPowerPRO (note an addendum and setup time and billing may apply - please contact your account executive).
                                          • Can be set to sponsor tree or placement tree
                                          • Can be a set % or a dollar amount per rank
                                          • SKU's can be excluded if set to rank to not pay out
                                          • % can be used from price paid to pay the bonus as well as cv or points from any system
                                          • Additional flags have been added for time fuse and compression.
                                          • Time fuse can be based on the child join date if child is a customer (previously could only be based on sponsor join date for customer orders)
                                          • Compression can be based on active status or rank.
                                      • Enhanced - Notifications System and Notifications
                                        • The entire Admin User Interface has been re-designed to support the ability to search for notifications, filter notifications by eMail or SMS, quickly turn notifications on and off along with better editing UI of the notifications.
                                        • Upline notifications - a new Upline notification for "New Distributors" and "New Customers" has been created.  The current module is set to follow "line of sponsorship", however this will be modified in the near future to allow "line or sponsorship or line of placement".  The upline notifications can be set for any number of levels, however we recommend a maximum of 10 levels until such time as we develop a full email and email scheduling service.  Note, these notifications are not available via SMS, however they are being scoped and planned for internal development in the future.
                                      • New - Add / Remove Loyalty Rewards by Admins
                                        • Administrators who have been assigned the role of "Can Transfer Loyalty Rewards" in Role Management by the 100000 Admin account can now add or remove Loyalty Rewards from a customer or distributors account.  Note, this will store who added or removed the rewards, when, and why.  This is a great customer service feature to recognize and reward leaders, provide disgruntled customers with additional loyalty rewards, etc.  For more information about the MarketPowerPRO Loyalty Rewards system please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive.

                                        • New - Shopping Cart Icon Drop-Down Cart
                                          • Your website should now be updated with the new icon that displays the quantity of items in a shoppers cart.  On mousing over the icon with the quantity count, a drop-down of all the items in the cart will now display with the ability to edit the items in the cart, remove the items from the cart, or go directly to the View Cart or Checkout page.  If this new feature has not been added to your website please submit a help desk ticket or contact your MultiSoft Account Executive.

                                          • Enhancement - Login or Create Account Pop-Up Has been Removed
                                            • Previously, when a customer or a distributor added items to their shopping cart and went to checkout an in-screen pop-up window would display, which was not always friendly on mobile devices.  The pop-up page has now been removed and all customers and distributors are directed to a full page without any pop-ups to login or create a new account.
                                          • Enhancement - Password Strength Pop-Up and Confirm Password Validation
                                            • On entering the password field when creating a new account the password requirements pop-up now appears informing enrolling Distributors and Customers the strong password requirements.  Upon entering the Confirm password and attempting to tab to the next field, if the two passwords do not match a warning of "Passwords Do Not Match." will be presented to the user.
                                          • Enhancement - Single SKU Purchase Page Now Available for Repeat Purchases
                                            • Previously, the Single SKU Purchase Page could only be used for new customers purchasing a single product / service (or multiple quantities), however it could not be re-used for existing customers or distributors to make another Single SKU Purchase, thus requiring existing customers and distributors to go through the entire shopping cart purchase.
                                            • Now, you can create re-usable Single SKU purchase pages that will recognize the customer or distributor logged in and pre-fill their information.
                                            • Additionally, this page can now be used for AutoShip / Recurring Billing Purchases as well as minimum and maximum quantity purchases can be set.
                                          • Enhancement - New AutoShip Settings
                                            • New AutoShip settings have been added to allow the company owner more control over how distributors and customers can turn on or turn off certain functions.  Click Here to review this internal MultiSoft video for more information on the details and new settings below:
                                              • Disallow User To Change Frequency
                                              • Disallow User To Change Next Order Date
                                                • Allow user to specify Start Date
                                                  • AutoShip is Optional
                                                    • Allow AutoShip On/Off
                                                      • Use new AutoShip Cart
                                                  • New - Hide Menu on Certain Pages
                                                    • You now have the ability to Hide the top or left side Admin / Distributor menu from any page you do not want it to appear on.
                                                    • To hide the menu, go to the page you do not want the menu on, click Edit Website, Page Settings and check the box 'Hide Menu" and the menu will no longer be displayed.  This setting can also be applied it Website> Page Management > Edit Pages.
                                                  • New - Admin View Ranks
                                                    • If you are an administrator and want to view the rank(s) of any distributor(s), there is now a quick "View Rank(s)".
                                                    • After searching a Distributor in Users > User Management, the 5th column where the Sponsor ID is displayed is a "View Rank(s)", which when mousing over will display the ranks for each of the compensation plan types enabled in your system.
                                                  • Enhancement - Admin Advanced Search Features
                                                    • The two following fields have been added to the Orders > Order Management > Advanced Search functionality:
                                                      • Search by IP Address of the individual that placed the order
                                                      • Search by eCheck Bank Account # (if you have eCheck enabled in the Payment Methods module)
                                                  • Enhancement - My Customers Orders
                                                    • Your Distributors now have the same order history as you do as an administrator with all of the advanced search methods as a distributor excluding the search by IP address and search by eCheck Bank Account Number
                                                  • New - My Distributors Orders
                                                    • Your Distributors now have a brand New Distributors Orders module, which is the same as their newly enhanced My Customers Orders, which is the same order history you have as an administrator with all of the advanced search methods as a distributor excluding the search by IP address and search by eCheck Bank Account Number.
                                                  • New - Product Quick View
                                                    • When looking in Products > Product Management > Products, you will now see an "Eye" icon for any products that are enabled in your shopping cart to click and have a quick view of how the product appears without having to open new tabs and browse the shopping cart.  The same feature will be added to the SKU's management as we are preparing to overhaul the admin user interface for managing SKU's more similar to how products are managed.
                                                  • New - Shopping Cart Enhancements
                                                    • The two following new enhancements have been added to the shopping cart settings, which you will find at Company > Modules > Shopping Cart and Cart Settings.
                                                      • Disable borders around images on category and product details page.  Enabling this setting will remove the 1 pixel border around images you upload in the products management, product images.
                                                      • Number of images wide in shopping cart.  Prior to now if you wanted to change the number of items appearing in the product categories this had to be done by a programmer or a designer.  You can now manually set the number of items now to appear as either 3, 4, 5, or 6
                                                      • Pop Over or Slide in After Add to Cart (you will only want to allow one or the other, not both).
                                                        • Pop Over Cart will cause a window to immediately appear after a visitor, customer, or distributor has added an item to their cart.  In the window they can also set their AutoShip if they missed it the first time as well as go directly to the view cart or checkout page.
                                                        • Slide In Cart is still in development and should be ready in the next 10 business days.

                                                      Thank you,

                                                      Robert Proctor
                                                      CEO - President
                                                      MultiSoft Corporation