Latest Updates

On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  The following updates have been automatically rolled into your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.  Some of the updates were automatic while others require quick modifications by you per the instructions below:

  • Enhancement - Replicated Distributor Support Page Completely Re-Designed
    • Your distributors replicated support pages are now 100% mobile and tablet friendly
    • Administrators can now enable / disable whether distributors have a replicated support page with their now editable profile, photo, contact details, and social media links; go to Website > Site Settings.  If you wish to change the "default profile content" please submit a ticket via the help desk with the content to be updated globally
    • Administrators can now enable / disable whether distributors can edit the default profile text; go to Website > Site Settings
    • Administrators can now enable / disable various social media links in your distributor support pages (example, you only want to offer LinkedIn and Pinterest links); click Support in the main menu, scroll down to Social Media Profiles, click Off or On to enable / disable the social media links your distributor can display on their support pages
    • Distributors can now Enable / Disable their support page if they do or do not want to provide one to their visitors; they will need to click on Profile or My Website > My Support Page and click OFF or ON at the top under Support Page Setting
    • Distributors can now Enable / Disable the calendar on their support page, which displays the Corporate Events and any Personal Events; they will need to click on Profile or My Website > My Support Page and click OFF or ON at the the bottom under Event Calendar
  • New - "Quick Look" In-Screen / In-Page Shopping
    • A brand new feature has been added to your customers / distributors shopping experience.  In the shopping cart page, when a visitor mouses over the image or the text of the product, two buttons will appear "Quick Look" and "Read More".  While "Read More" will take the shopper to the products detail page (the same as the Click to View", the "Quick Look" will pop-open a new window in the same screen that will allow the shopping to add items directly into their shopping cart.  To enable the new feature, go to Company > Modules > Shopping Cart settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the OFF | ON button next to the text "Enable Quick Look Pop-Up in Category View".  You can then select "Only Products with Attributes" or "All Products".  If you sell products with attributes such as sizes, colors, flavors, etc. this is a very good enhancement to your customers and distributors shopping cart experience.  If you are utilizing the Quick Cart or Party Cart (Party Plan System) this new enhancement has been automatically added as it was necessary to the functionality as well as the feature has been automatically added to the AutoShip system for any clients that have attributes on their AutoShips.
  • New - Facebook Pixel Code
    1. Distributors can now add their own Facebook pixel code, which will assist with re-targeting visitors to their website in their Facebook account (a good tool for marketers that know how to use retargeting); they will need to click on Profile or My Website > Traffic (yes, this will also function similar to Google Analytics for the company Facebook pixel code - update the Facebook Pixel code when logged in as position 100000 (admin level only).
  • New - Free Shipping on AutoShip
    • You can now offer both your customers and distributors free shipping for any items placed on AutoShip.  Go to Company > Shipping Settings > Shipping Configuration
  • New - Google Address Verification Service
    • All areas of the website that have an address requirements, including the shopping cart, enrollment, AutoShip, billing, shipping, etc., have been enhanced to allow for the Google AVS.  Google AVS will reduce invalid billing addresses and declined credit cards, invalid shipping address, and bad shipping or worse such as packages being returned or shipped to the wrong address.  You will need to signup with Google for their AVS / API (free to use up to a limited number of AVS's per day - please contact your MultiSoft account representative or submit a ticket via the help desk.
  • New - 12 New Mobile Menus Available
    • Looking to freshen up your website on mobile view for distributors and customers?  Visit to view the 10 new mobile menu layouts that can be applied to any site design.  Contact your MultiSoft account representative or submit a ticket via the help desk to request a change to one of the new mobile menu designs.
  • Enhancement - Language / Word Translations
    • With over 11,000 words in the MarketPowerPRO system it could be time-consuming to update one word at a time, especially in matching the CaSe of the translations.  Those days are over.  You can now complete a global search and replace of any word or sentence in your MarketPowerPRO system. For example, if you wanted to change Distributor to Brand Partner, you had to update each reference, 500+ of them, one at a time.  Now, with the new "Match Case" filter and "Replace with" you can update every reference to every word in a matter of second.
  • New - Completely Re-designed checkout process
    • As has become the 800 pound gorilla in the shopping cart industry (no, they do not connect to MLM Software systems), we felt it best to match, mirror, and mimic the best systems for your customers and distributors.  To enable the new checkout system, if it's not already enabled in your system, go to Company> Modules > Alternate Module Use Settings and check the User New Checkout and Use New Checkout Version 3; click save.  If the update does not occur immediately, go to Website > Site Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the FLUSH CACHE button.
  • Enhancement - Updated My Account Drop Down
    • If you have a "My Account" drop down in the header of your website when admins, customers, and distributors are logged in, you may have noticed a bit of "clean up" to the drop down with the addition of a border around the drop down, a slight shadow, and an arrow after clicking My Account.  If you have not received the updated My Account drop down, contact your MultiSoft account representative or submit a ticket via the help desk to request the My Account be added, if it's not in your system, or have the UI enhancements added.
  • Enhancement - Holding Tank / Waiting Room Update
    • If you have the holding / tank waiting room system, which allows distributors to place personally sponsored distributors anywhere in their downline, you will notice a new checkbox for Check Title".  When checked, the system will give access to distributor if current rank OR max rank meets the minimum rank requirement to make a placement change in their holding tank / waiting room.  If you do not have the holding tank / waiting room module, please contact your account executive for further details.
  • NEW - Multi-Domain Functionality
    • Products vs. Opportunity, how are you distributors selling?  Now, finally, you can give them BOTH choices with two or more replicated websites on one system.  This is one of best enhancements we could have rolled out as the landscape of the network marketing, multilevel marketing, party plan industry continues to scale more towards customers and a retail sales environment, especially as we begin to see more influencers and affiliates wanting to join your business to sell products, yet without the opportunity being marketed.  Now, you have the ability to offer your distributors two or more different websites, such as one opportunity website, and one retail website, that does not discuss the opportunity or the business.  With the new Multi-domain functionality you can create a new home page per domain and modify the main menus per domain.  You can also apply a different skin on the home page and create a second shopping cart (same products) with a different skin.  There is a one-time setup charge of $500 per additional domain, $300 annually for the additional SSL, and $50 per month for the hosting and dedicated IP.  Contact your MultiSoft account representative or submit a ticket via the help desk to request the My Account be added, if it's not in your system, or have the UI enhancements added.
  • Enhancement - Edit Price on Unpaid Orders
    • Do you have a cancelled or non-paid order?  You now have the ability to the line items of an order such as modifying the commission volume, the quantity, and the pricing.  As non-paid orders are saved in the system, this provides you with the ability to contact your customers or distributors to re-engage them in the order and if necessary edit the pricing, quantity, etc. before completing the payment on their behalf.
  • New - Left Side Menus
    • As the evolution of website design continues, we've implemented a vertical left side menu system for your distributors and customers to replace the horizontal menu system in the MarketPowerPRO software.  This opens up additional real-estate space, is easier to navigate by collapsing menus and sub-menus as well as switching to 100% icon view menus.  If you are interested in a view / demonstration of the left side menu system please contact your account executive.  As this change requires our designers(s) to implement, at no charge to you, please allow up to 3 business days for this change to occur after requesting it via the help desk ticketing system.
  • New - Downline Genealogy Viewer (POV2)
    • A new downline genealogy viewer has been added to the system for your distributors.  If this is not enabled in your system please submit a ticket requesting this to be added or contact your account executive for more information or a demonstration.  The enhancements include:
      • Full screen visibility (overlays the full screen)
      • Arrows to slide left and right and a slider bar at the bottom
      • Distributor viewer settings (Hide deleted users, change to vertical view, set default # of levels, and more)
      • On mouseover pop-up with details (instead of the left side details - binary currently, unilevel coming)

    • New - Downline Genealogy Report Generator
      • Give your distributors access to view their downline distributors details with advanced filtering.  Your administrator can set the number of levels that "personal" information can be viewed.  Distributors can also download the report in an Excel / CSV format.  If this report has not been aded to your distributors menu under "My Team" please submit a ticket request to have this added.

    • Enhancement - Loyalty Rewards System
      • Did you know that 71% of consumers belong to at least one loyalty rewards program and that 81% of members redeem their for rewards every few months?  The landscape of network marketing and "customer retention" is changing faster than we've ever seen before.  What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the crowd and the competition?  Have you taken advantage of the MarketPowerPRO Loyalty Rewards system?  If not, contact your account executive today.
      • New enhancements
        • Remove loyalty rewards / points if tied to an AutoShip and the AutoShip is cancelled (admin setting)
        • Set the number of days, months, years, before the rewards are removed (admin setting)
        • Pop-up warning to customers and distributors on AutoShip cancellation that they will lose their loyalty rewards
        • Set whether orders pay with loyalty rewards either a) earn no rewards, b) earn on the entire order, c) earn only on the portion not paid with loyalty rewards / points
      • Upcoming enhancements
        • Transfer loyalty rewards between users and between what class - customers, distributors, or both (admin enabled)
        • Time required to hold loyalty rewards before being able to be transferred
        • Split payment allowed - loyalty rewards / credit card (admin enabled)
        • Cash out loyalty rewards for distributors OR customers OR both (admin enabled) including admin functionality, acceptance / decline, and notifications
        • Customers referring customers receive loyalty rewards for their customers purchases / AutoShips (admin enabled)
        • Expire distributors earned loyalty rewards points
        • Admin add / remove loyalty rewards points (with history)
        • Additional loyalty rewards points notifications (earned, spent, added, removed)
      • Due to the number of recent recent and upcoming enhancements as well as the time requirements for training and configuration, the 50% discount offer ended on May 31st.  However through the end of June, we are offering a 25% discount to existing clients.  If you are interested in more information about this new distributor and customer retention system please contact your MultiSoft account executive.
    On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation we hope you enjoy and take advantage of all of the new recent enhancements, features, and benefits added to your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  If you have any suggestions, recommendations, ideas, to enhance your customers and distributors experience please email them to me at

    Thank you,

    Robert Proctor
    MultiSoft Corporation

    On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system, now available for your company:

    The following updates were automatically rolled into the software:
    • A new checkbox on the login page to "show password"
    • A new genealogy pop-up added to the User Management (go to users, mouseover a username and you will see the word Genealogy and the icon next to it)
    • Several Advanced search filters in the Order History screen (click on Advanced in the orders management screen)
    • SMS Integration with (you will need a paid Twilio account to add this to your system); you can now send notifications and newsletters using SMS with Twilio.  Please note all other SMS providers have been sunsetted.
    The following updates will be added, at no additional charge, however please contact your account executive or one of our CSR's can review with you if you would like to have one or all of these:
    • An entire newly designed checkout page
    • Address Verification integration with Google (this will require you obtain the free API credentials from Google) - this will assist in auto-correcting billing and shipping addresses on entry by your customers and distributors.
    • A new and improved genealogy viewer (including full screen view and distributor settings)
    • A new genealogy downline report generator, including customers, and is exportable; with admin settings
    • An AutoShip radio button selector instead of a drop down (this is available in Company > Modules > Shopping cart settings (at the bottom of the page) - now in line with shopping carts such as Shopify and Magento
    • The ability to have 4-wide columns in your shopping cart (for clients that still have 4-wide columns)
    • A new filtering system in the shopping cart along with an option to show the products in a list instead of a grid
    • A new Amazon style "Added to Cart" "View Cart" and "Go to Checkout" bar
    • A new horizontal shopping cart category viewer instead of the left side category list
    • An AutoShip icon mouseover pop-up describing what AutoShip is (this is available in Company > Modules > Shopping cart settings (at the bottom of the page)
    • The option to have left side vertical menus instead of horizontal menus
    • 10 New mobile menu designs to select from - please review to view the 10 menus (you will need to change your screen resolution to the Developer Tools screen in Google Chrome to see)
    • MultiFactor Authentication for improved security (just like Amazon, Google, and many financial institutions) - (you will need a paid Twilio account to add this to your system)
    • GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, Cookie policy pop-up - this is in the Website / Site Settings
    • The ability for distributors to opt-out of the Leaderboard, Rank Makers, and Search (as we prepare for the The California Consumer Privacy Act in 2020)

    We have officially launched our new Party Plan system.  Please go to to create a free 5 day demo of the new Party Plan system.  The Party Plan module is being offered to existing clients through May 15th, 2019, at a discount of $5,000 from the published price of $10,000.  After May 15th the price for existing clients will increase to $10,000.  If you are interested in adding a Party Plan system to your current MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive.

    Lastly, we have continued to enhance the new Loyalty Rewards System, which is still being offered to current clients at a 50% discount.  I you are interested in more information about this new distributor and customer retention system please contact your account executive or David Incardona in our Florida office.

    On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation we hope you enjoy and take advantage of all of the new recent enhancements and benefits added to your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.

    Thank you,

    Robert Proctor
    MultiSoft Corporation
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    We are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the MarketPowerPRO Party Plan system, many of which were provided as suggestions by our valued clients utilizing the Party Plan system (thank you).

    • Enable / Disable the ability to utilize the Shopping Cart to Redeem Rewards (meaning rewards must be redeemed within the Add Party Order system only)
    • Enable / Disable the ability to Find a Consultant in the Request to Host a Party module (meaning visitors must go to a replicated distributor site)
    • Turn Off Redeem Rewards in shopping cart and party plan checkout - this will hide redeem now button on party dashboard as well
    • Turn Off Add Party Code in Shopping cart - turn off entering party code for any customer order who want create party order (meaning rewards must be redeemed within the Add Party Order system only)
    • The default text for Notification has now been added to all party plan client systems (please contact customer support for any assistance
    • In the party Dashboard we have added the time to all the date fields as it applies for Parties and Party Requests
    • In Home Party add order system attendees have the ability to purchase at the party and send individual gifts to multiple locations

    Coming Soon: The ability to set time zones for Start and Stop times for parties.

    If you are interested in adding the Party Plan system for your company please contact your MarketPowerPRO Account Executive at +1 239-945-6433 or +1 888-415-0554.

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    We recently had a client make a suggestion that it would be a good benefit to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software Leaderboard module to separate "Sales to Customers" and "Sales to Distributors.  You asked and we listened and the Leaderboard module in your distributor's back office has been updated to reflect this new filter.

    Do you have distributors or leaders who do not want to appear in the Leaderboard, Rank Makers or Search for Distributor modules (including the top company position)?  Due to a suggestion by a client as well as the EU Privacy Shield and G.D.P.R.policies as well as the upcoming California Privacy Act (set for 2020) we have made modifications to the user management module (administrators) and the distributor's personal profile with the following new flags/checkboxes:

    • Exclude from Leaderboard Module
    • Exclude from Rank Makers Module
    • Exclude from Distributors Search Module