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Maintenance Notification
Maintenance Notification from MultiSoft

Maintenance Details

Date: 03/28/2020 CONCLUDED
Expected Duration: 1 hour
Timeframe: 3:00AM-4:00AM EST
Event Type: Database Infrastructure Maintenance
Component(s): Database Components
Expected Impact: High

Dear Valued MultiSoft Client,

The MultiSoft Team has completed upgrades to the database infrastructure. Your site is now responding without going to a maintenance page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact MultiSoft Support via email at or by phone at 1-239-945-6433.

MultiSoft Support

Copyright © 2020 MultiSoft Corporation, All rights reserved.
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Maintenance Notification
MultiSoft Maintenance Notification and COVID-19 Update

Maintenance Details

Date: 03/28/2020
Expected Duration: 1 hour
Timeframe: 3:00AM-4:00AM EST
Event Type: Database Infrastructure Maintenance
Component(s): Database Components
Expected Impact: High

Dear ,

On Sunday, March 28th at 3 AM, EDT, there will be approximately 1 hour of down time while we perform upgrades to the database infrastructure.  This is an expected high impact matter resulting in your website not being accessible.  During this time your site will display a maintenance screen while this maintenance is performed.

We understand the growing concern surrounding COVID-19, and while no MultiSoft staff member is exhibiting symptoms, we are continuing to monitor the spread of the virus.  During this time, our primary objective is to ensure the safety and health of our employees, clients and communities while continuing to provide our customers support.

While our Philippines office has been temporarily closed due to government restrictions, including a quarantine of the city and cancelation of all mass transportation.  We began implementing a work from home strategy last week and as of today 100% of our Philippines staff are working remotely with internet and phone support.  Our Canada and India staff members have always worked remotely, thus there is no change in their protocols.

Our Florida and Las Vegas offices remain open and fully staffed.  However, we have instituted a no-outside visitor policy.  We have also prepared all staff to work remotely with phone support should the need arise.  As such all meetings and trainings will be done online until April 6th, at which time we will re-asses the situation.

As you know, the situation is fluid and will vary globally, and we will do everything we can to keep you informed of any changes.

Rest assured as you experience changes in your work and lifestyle, the global MultiSoft team is here for you.  If there’s anything you need, know that your MultiSoft team is standing by to support you..

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact MultiSoft Support via email at or by phone at 1-239-945-6433.


Robert Proctor
MultiSoft Corporation

Copyright © 2020 MultiSoft Corporation, All rights reserved.

New Sku Settings Have Been Added

In an effort to continue to grow and add features to make our software the best it can be, we have updated our autoship settings. You now have the benefit of selecting the SKU's you want to be edited.  This feature is located in the Autoship setup screen. If in this process we have turned off the ability for your users to edit the SKUS, please let us know and we will correct those for you.  We hope this will be a feature that will benefit your company now and in the future.  

Click here for a brief video presentation on this feature.


A look back at 2019

We closed out the decade in the most brilliant ways possible!

And just like that, another year is over!  As 2020 kicks off, we wanted to reflect on our and your biggest wins of the year (thanks, in large part, to you!).  Here are just a few highlights:

200+ New Updates, Features & Releases

Some of our favorite updates were directly inspired by your suggestions! We listened to your valuable feedback and deployed over 200 updates and enhancements to improve the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software platform... making it better, faster and more powerful than ever!

10,116 Support Tickets Resolved

Each support ticket received means that you are busy working hard on your project.  The Global MultiSoft team is here for you whenever you need assistance, and it's ALWAYS our pleasure to help!

3,063 Outbound Weekly Check-Up Calls

Each week our Florida office outbound called every one of our clients in the USA and close by countries to inform them of the updates, enhancements, features, to the MarketPowerPRO software and to to discover what else we could do to help your company.  This number does not include outbound project management calls, support calls, help desk follow-up, or sales calls - just "how are you doing" calls.  Customer service will always remain the top priority of MultiSoft for our valued family of clients.

17 New Staff Members Joined the MultiSoft Team

Your Global MultiSoft team is now 45 team members strong to help support you and your company.  Our global full time team, all employees, are located in both the USA offices (Florida and Las Vegas) as well as in Canada, India, Pakistan, South Africa, the Philippines, and Thailand.  From Project Management to Sales and from Programming to Customer Support, we expanded the MultiSoft team.

On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation, we are pleased to inform you of the following recent updates to your MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  The following updates have been automatically rolled into your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.  Some of the updates were automatic while others will require quick modifications by you or MultiSoft per the instructions below:

  • Enhancement - New Notifications Management Layout
    • The eMail and SMS notifications layout UI (user interface) has been completely re-built to provide a cleaner and more modernized interface.  It is now easier than ever to edit the notifications you want to send to your customers and distributors including selecting whether to send by email or SMS, the email address used to send the notification, who receives BCC's and CC's as well as turning the notification on and off as well as selecting the template to use for the notification.
    • The drop down selector for the notification will be changing over the coming weeks to a more simple grid view to select notifications from instead of selecting from a drop-down.
  • Enhancement - Save and Publish (instead of save and push to publisher)
    • This new enhancement allows you to determine via the admin role management which of your company admins can either "save and push to publisher" or "save and publish" content pages immediately.
    • Previously, all changes to all content modules had a two step process of saving and pushing to the publisher, who then had to go to the website > publish content area to make the content just edited live. 
    • You can now skip the two step process and go with a one step save and publish option, however you must edit the roles of each of your admins you want to provide with this level of access (in Users > User Management > Edit User, select Roles, and at the bottom of the page update the roles for Page Publishing and Notification Publishing
  • Enhancement - Contact Us Page Layout Re-Designed
    • As you know each of your Distributors has their own support page which they can edit, upload their own photo, select their methods of being contacted, add or remove any of their personal profile details, update their social media links, and add / edit their own story.
    • The support page generated from the above settings has been given a much more modernized UI (user interface) with proper separation of the MY PROFILE, CONTACT ME, and MY STORY areas.
    • In Q1 of 2019 we will be adding a new module to allow your distributors to upload up to 6 photos or 1 video in the lower left pane of their support page, thus giving your distributors more marketing ability to present your products, services, brand, and their own personal story or before and after photos or photos from company events, etc. 
  • NEW - Coupon System
    • A few days before Thanksgiving 2019 we rolled out thew new coupon system which mirrors the coupon system provided by one of the largest online eCommerce providers in the world.  All updates, enhancements, features, and bugs have been resolved in the coupon system and we are now accepting suggestions for enhancements to the coupon system via the help desk or directly to your account executive.
    • On January 31st the previous coupon system will be sunsetted.  Please make certain to create new coupon codes in the new coupon system as we will no longer support the old coupon system after January 1
  • New - Shopping Cart Enhancements
    • The elves were quite busy the end of 2019 enhancing the shopping cart system even more to give our clients more control over the UI (user interface) and what your customers and distributors see when they go to your shopping cart.  To view the new shopping cart settings simple navigate to Company > Modules > Shopping Cart settings and scroll to the bottom of the page
      • Hide Buy it Again in Order History: Checking this box will hide the BUY IT AGAIN button that appears in your distributors and customers Amazonesque order history
      • Disable borders around images on category and product details page; this is pretty self explanatory, if you don't want the 1 pixel borders around your product images, check this box
      • Number of images wide in shop; this is one of the BEST enhancements to the shopping cart system giving YOU total control over how many products you want displayed wide.  We've seen Amazon go from 3 to 4 to 5 and now to 5 and 6 wide.  As we had this set at a fixed width of 4 images, a number of our clients asked for 3 or 5, so instead of hard coding it for each client, we have now put it in your control

      • New - Canonical SEO for Google and other Search Engines
        • A canonical tag (aka "rel canonical") is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or "duplicate" content appearing on multiple URLs.
        • The idea is simple: if you have several similar versions of the same content, you pick one “canonical” version and point the search engines at it. This solves the duplicate content problem where search engines don’t know which version of the content to show in their results.
        • The MarketPowerPRO MLM Software now lets you change the canonical URL of any of your saved pages. You only need to do this if you want to change the canonical to something different from the current page’s URL.
        • To make the change simple go to the page you want to change the Canonical settings for, click Edit Website > Edit Page settings in the top menu, scroll down 3/4 of the page to directly above the SEO settings, check the Canonical URL box and enter the URL as you want it indexed by the search engines
      • New - Integration - Now Accept AliPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Skrill
        • MarketPowerPRO is now integrated with which brings new alternate forms of payment for your customers and distributors
        • Important, only certain payment methods are accepted in certain countries - go to for a list of payment methods by country
        • Important, you will need to establish a merchant account with BlueSnap to implement any of these payment methods - contact Jeff Coppolo SVP Global Business Development at 781-790-5021 (O) 617-852-1900 (M) or via email at for further information
        • Important, additional fees from MultiSoft may apply for any payment methods that have not been previously implemented such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Skrill

        • New - Binary Spilling Method
          • If you are utilizing a Binary Compensation Plan there is a new spilling method, which spilling methods can only be set by a MultiSoft Compensation Plan Team Member, entitled "Advanced Spilling"
          • Advanced Spilling will provide a Weak / Strong Leg spilling option based on either the Number of Distributors or Volume Accumulated as follows:
            • 1st distributor (“A”) introduced by a distributor (“X”) to be placed on usually left; see below for proposed definition of volume
            • 2nd distributor (“B”) introduced by X to be placed on opposite side of A (maybe usually right but depends on which side A is on)
            • If volume is the same on left and right, the 3rd (and subsequent) distributors (“C+”) introduced by X placed at end of left side of X
            • If volume of left and right is different, then place C+ on the side (left or right) which has the lower volume and, within that side, on the bottom of the left side of the deepest leg
          • For further details on this spilling method, only for binary compensation plan clients, please submit a help desk ticket

          • New - Shipping Integration
            • MarketPowerPRO is now integrated with EasyPost Shipping, which provides powerful solutions that give you more flexibility and control over your parcel shipping and logistics processes.
            • Contact your MultiSoft Account Executive or our CTO, Mr. Amit Dey, via the HelpDesk system for further information for integrating your Shipping and Logistics with

            • Sunsetted - Shipping Software
              • The MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system will no longer support integration with the Indicia, USPS, shipping software.  This integration was sunsetted last year, however it was not removed from the shipping integration settings or our marketing websites, which it has been removed from now
              • We recommend as the best software integration with the MarketPowerPRO system
              • Please make certain to check with your MultiSoft account executive or one of our CSR's before signing up with any 3rd party shipping system or any other 3rd party system without first confirming the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software is already integrated with the system or to obtain a quote for the cost of integration before you pay for any 3rd party systems

              • Sunsetted - Gift Certificate System
                • The gift certificate system in the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system has been sunsetted immediately due to the 3rd party system integrated no longer being supported
                • In Q1 2020 we will be introducing a new Gift Certificate system that is not reliant on any 3rd party software.  The new Gift Certificate system will be integrated with the shopping cart system instead of a stand-along module, thus permitting the purchase of Gift Certificates in the shopping cart system.  Additionally, the new Gift Certificate system will support "balance remaining" whereas the Gift Certificate system being sunsetted does not support balance remaining.

                • Coming Soon
                  • The following items are currently in development and will be released over the coming days and 2-3 weeks; please make certain to watch for them:
                    • The newly designed reporting system to replace the current reporting system, which will allow faster deployment of new reports as needed, requested, ordered, etc. and as determined by our CSR's, has been completed and rolled into the deployment system and is being fully tested by our team.  We expect to roll this new reporting system to all clients within the next two weeks.
                    • An all new dashboard system for distributors (1 to start with and 4+ being added over the coming weeks after release) and new KPI (key performance dashboards) for your administrators.  The final code updates from our 3rd party integrator have been provided and the first dashboard should roll out in the next week for all of your distributors.
                On behalf of the entire MultiSoft Corporation global team, thank you for choosing to partner with us in 2019!  We are excited to continue helping you grow your business in 2020.

                Robert Proctor
                MultiSoft Corporation

                MultiSoft Corporation is pleased to announce the roll-out of the entirely NEW and Completely Re-Designed Coupon System just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the 2019 holiday season.  CLICK HERE to view the instruction / training video on the new, and highly improved, coupon system functionality.

                The new Discount System includes the option to create Discount Codes, which can be assigned to everyone, a group of individuals (distributors, customers, or preferred customer) or to a specific distributor or customer, or you can create Automatic Discounts (all new feature) that does not require a coupon code to be entered and will intelligently provide the discount at checkout.

                You can offer your customers a fixed value discount, percentage discount, or shipping discount on products or categories within your shop.  You can also offer buy X get Y discounts to encourage customers and distributors to buy multiples of items.

                You can also specify the dates for which the code is valid, the number of times a code can be used, a minimum order amount before the code can be used, and to which products or categories the discount can be applied to.

                Should you encounter any issue(s) with the new Coupon System please submit a ticket at  Please note you will see some features from the old coupon system that were confusing, to say the least, removed, as well as you will see all new features never before seen in the MarketPowerPRO MLM coupon code system.  Suffice it to say, this new coupon system competes on the same level as the largest eCommerce shopping cart provider in the industry.  Should you have any recommendations please submit a help desk ticket at  

                On behalf of MultiSoft Corporation we hope you, your team, your distributors, and your customers have a Happy Thanksgiving and a fantastic Black Friday, Cyber Monday and 2019 holiday season.

                Thank you,

                Robert Proctor
                MultiSoft Corporation